How To Prevent Email Spam

how to prevent email spamSpam mail can be very unsettling and bothersome to any email account holder. It is estimated that about 90% of all mails sent are spam, which are sent to anyone by spammers. They may be any kind of junk mail, from fake dubious loans, to fake pharmaceutical products, and even to adult services. The rapid development of technology is a contributing factor and as a result spammers are getting more sophisticated in their development of spam emails and have come up with more plausible emails that can fool anyone. Due to this, we have to understand the best way of preventing these junk mails.

  • Use Email Filters

An email filter is one of the best ways to avoid spam emails. When used, they analyse all incoming emails and filter the junk mails from the vital ones. Junk mail is placed in quarantine for 5 days after which they are automatically deleted from your account. In addition, your email provider may have several filtering measures, like blacklisting. This forbids reception of emails sent to you from a blacklisted address.

  • Encrypt your Current Email Address

Encryption tools like GPG4Win, GPGTools and Thunderbird are some of the best email encryption tools to use. A suite of security improvements to your email address are offered by these services and as a result protect all your data and mails. Even though they provide you enhanced security, ensure that you understand how to use them effectively before putting them to use.

  • Be Hands-on

Being proactive means that you take the first initiative to secure your email and computer in general as you visit or browse over the internet. You can do this by increasing the security measures on your web browser and setting them to a high security level. Moreover, proceed to disallow cookies and AutoFill of Forms for you. Setting a higher security level minimizes the amount of personal information transmitted to the sites that you visit, therefore preventing junk emails from ever reaching your email address.

  • Use a Secure Email Provider

Ensure that the email provider you select provides for top-notch security measures for you and your data. These measures include free email protection for your smartphone, a secure VPN for your entire browsing and a USB-Key necessary email entry. Sometimes added security measures can come at a nominal fee, but it is better to spend your money on preventing information loss rather than spending it fixing damages at a later time.

  • Make Use of a Secondary (Temporary) Email Address

Creation of a secondary email account for other purposes over the internet can be a major spam mail avoidance technique. Consider creating a free email account with a fake alias that can be easily disposed. These can be used for online entertainment purposes, as you use your primary mail for business related activities and functions. Furthermore, a disposable email address service can be used at a fee to create a secondary email account for you. They’ll track junk mail and will allow you to turn them off and your primary email will remain free of spam.

Prevention is always better than cure, and the earlier you take preventive measures to keep spam mail away, the happier you will be reading your mail. Junk mail can be tedious to handle, thus take action and prevent them from bombarding your email address.

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